2019 Specials. Please call 540-347-7266 for more information.

  • Blackbelt Testing (Spring 2019):
    • Written Test – Friday, April 5th – 4:00 PM
    • Practical Test – Saturday, April 13th – 1:00 PM
  • Summer Uniforms – summer attire starts 1 May
  • The Masters are Coming
    • Our Greeks Masters and Master candidates will be here 1 – 8 May
  • Anniversary Party – Friday, May 3rd – 6:30 PM

    World Martial Arts Center in Warrenton, VA

    Welcome to the World Martial Arts Center, led by Grandmaster Kun Hwa Lee. As the sole provider of Hwal Moo (Life Defense) Tae Kwon Do in the United States, the World Martial Arts Center and its staff provides unmatched quality, passion, and dedication to ensure each student achieves their goals and learns to understand and appreciate the Martial Arts as more than just techniques, but as a way of life.

    On this site you will find information about all of our exciting Martial Arts classes to include:

    Little Lion’s Program (4-6 years old) – Fun, challenging, and exciting basics of our system, while serving as a great way to release boundless energy in a positive learning environment.
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    Children's TKD Class
    Children’s Martial Arts – Helping youth gain focus, discipline, and self-confidence is only a few of the benefits of our children’s Tae Kwon Do program. Having fun is an added bonus!
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    Summer Camp
    Summer Camp – How about a fun and safe summer camp that teaches students discipline, focus, respect and confidence  while learning valuable self-defense skills this summer? We have a perfect camp for your child.
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    Afterschool Kids
    After School Tae Kwon Do and Personal Safety Program – Picking up students from their school, providing homework/study time, learning the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do, and burning off energy is what this program is all about.  Mom or Dad can swing by to pick them up on their way home anytime before 6:30pm.
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    Family Classes – Grandmaster Lee believes wholeheartedly in family involvement in training, not just watching from the sidelines.  Families that train together, stay together.
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