318563_229818023740316_229608263761292_584971_2004675296_n "Since our son has been taking classes at WMAC he has become more respectful at home, he stays focused at school, and comes home eager to show us what he has learned in class.  We can't say enough about the progress he has made since starting classes."  J. Cright     Greece and Italy 2011 544   "I was looking for advanced hand to hand combat skills, detailed arrest techniques, and prisoner control holds to enhance my ability to deal with agitated subjects when on the job.  Grandmaster Lee has more than enough knowledge and life experience to increase any Law Enforcement Officers ability to handle dangerous, and out of control persons.  I recommend this school highly to anyone, and specifically to those persons working in LE, or related fields." - Active LE, SWAT Team Member - Local Law Enforcement  (Name Withheld)