Our Classes

Afterschool Kids After School Tae Kwon Do and Personal Safety Program– Picking up students from their school, providing homework/study time, learning the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do, and burning off energy is what this program is all about. Our flexible schedule allows Mom or Dad can swing by to pick them up on their way home anytime before 6:30pm. (Learn More)   IMG_9866_225x150px Little Lion’s Program –(4-5 years old) Fun, challenging, and exciting basics of our system, while serving as a great way to release boundless energy in a positive learning environment. (Learn More)
Children's TKD Class Children’s Martial Arts –Helping youth gain focus, discipline, and self-confidence is only a few of the benefits of our children’s Tae Kwon Do program. Learning forms, improving flexibility and well supervised sparring with other students helps to build each students skill level as well as challenges them to improve daily. (Learn More)    


Family Classes – Grandmaster Lee believes wholeheartedly in family involvement in training, not just watching from the sidelines. Families that train together, stay together. Kickboxing World Champion (Alexakis Angelos, Greece 2005 – One of Grandmaster Lee’s students pictured on the left with his son) has already got him practicing kicks at 13 months! (Learn More)


Adult Classes – Hwal Moo is a combination of many Martial Arts; Tang Soo Do, Ground Fighting, Hand to Hand Combat, Hapkido, Muay Tai Kickboxing, and Aikido. Adults who are interested in any of these systems who are beginners, or have a background in training are welcome to join us. (Learn More)

  Self-Defense Seminars – Taught quarterly in seminar style sessions these 2 hour learning blocks teach the fundamentals of awareness, self preservation concepts, and simple and effective responses to violent attacks. Classes taught by certified Law Enforcement Personnel dually certified in Defensive Tactics and Personal Defense Readiness through Blauer Tactical Systems. (Learn More)

Certified Instructor Certification
– This curriculum is for those persons specifically interested in Tae Kwon Do, Muay-Thai, or Hand To Hand Combat Instructor Certification. Acceptance into these courses of study is monitored very closely and is exclusively led by Grandmaster Lee himself. Please come by to speak with him directly about such opportunities.


Choose the World Martial Arts Center;

  • Over 40 Years Of Experience
  • Professional and Certified Instructors
  • Clean, Safe, And Well Organized Training System
  • The Positive Teaching and Learning Environment
  • The Realistic Approach to Individual Achievement