World Martial Arts Center (W.M.A.C.)
Little Lions (5-6yrs)

Little Lions (5-6yrs)


Little Lion’s (5-6 years old):

Specifically designed to assist young children in learning a few of the fundamentals of our Hwal Moo (Life Defense) Taekwondo, which will help them improve in many other areas as well.  Our classes are meant to be fun, challenging, and exciting, while serving as a great way to release their boundless energy in a positive learning environment.

  • Increased Focus and Self-Control
  • Instruction in a Structured Learning Environment
  • Patient and Enthusiastic Instructors
  • An Early Introduction to Exercise for Building Life-Long Healthy Habits
  • A Great Opportunity to Make New Friends

Keys to Success:

To ensure that your child is ready to learn taekwondo, here are some characteristics that children will need:

  • focus
  • listening skills
  • independence

Schedule Options

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday- Saturday optional
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday- Saturday optional

Kids (5-6 years old) Trial Lesson:

Trial Lesson includes private session with instructor to help with introduction to Little Lion’s program.